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Weird West Slap Game: How to beat the Heathen

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Weird West’s most bizarre character strikes again. Only this time, the Heathen can make the player take part in the slap game. Now, this game seems to be rigid, with the Witch’s mystical hands slapping your cowboy or girl face around the place. So, if you want your revenge, here is how to beat the Heathen in the Weird West slap game.

How to beat the Weird West slap game

So, Heathen has pulled you up on the side of the road again, has she. And now she is beating you up in a non-violent way? Well, it turns out she will likely beat you at this game if you don’t get an item called the Amulet of Open Palm. This comes from the Somnolence Temple. You should be able to find it inside one of the buildings on a desk. You can head to this location on any character at any time, allowing you to prepare yourself for the ultimate battle with Heathen.

The amulet teases you about the slap game.

Although, the slap game event tends to only occur during the fourth and fifth character journeys. So, those on the Warewolf and the Onerist can do battle with the Heathen. Ideally, the Onerist is the one who should be able to fight and beat the Heathen fairly easily. The reason why is because the Onerist is the character that starts in the Somnolence Temple. It means you can loot it then and there and have it in your possession ready for when the Heathen appears as you travel the world map.

Remember to equip the Amulet of the Open Palm when the Heathen appears. The reason why is because you have to equip the amulet to get increased slap speed. This key passive allows you to slap faster while facing off against the Heathen’s slap game. Equipping it gives the player a text option during the slap game, which details ‘Slap using the power of the Amulet of the Open Palm’. Choosing this option allows you the get the first slap, thus winning the game.

By winning the game, you will get one of the achievements, Knuckle Sandwich. Note, this is not the only achievement the Heathen is involved with, thanks to the Heathen’s Box, requiring you to hold onto the item without opening it across multiple characters until she asks for it back. This is like the gnome achievement in Half-Life 2, if you know that reference?

This concludes this Weird West slap game guide. Why not take a look at the WePC Weird West hub for more guides on the game?

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