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Syrp Lab Rebranding Now Complete – New Educational Website and YouTube Channel

The rebranding process of Syrp, the famous motion control gear manufacturer, is headed towards its completion. The company, which now operates under the name “Syrp Lab”, is now focusing on producing educational content for creatives via their new website and dedicated YouTube channel, while still carrying on product research and development for the Vitec Imaging Solutions group.

New Zealand-based company Syrp Lab (previously Syrp) is well-known for producing high-quality motion control gear, like their popular Genie II. Over the years, the group made its way out of the startup status to eventually become a worldwide established brand. This process was made possible by their serious efforts to bring constant innovation with each of their product releases.

A few months ago, we reported about Syrp’s decision to undergo a rebranding process to transform into Syrp Lab. This name change also implies the incorporation of their products into the Manfrotto Move ecosystem. Let’s try to better understand what’s going on.

Image source: Syrp Lab

Syrp Lab: a new mission

While bringing up sparkling product ideas will still remain the company’s main commitment (more on this later), they also have a second-nature mission: bringing fresh educational content to creators around the world. This will be done via two main mediums: a dedicated website page and their re-branded YouTube channel.

Image source: Syrp Lab

Syrp Lab’s goal is that of releasing valuable content twice a month, with each YouTube video being paired with an accompanying written article on their web page. Actually, both platforms are already getting populated with creative secrets from industry-working professionals.

If you wanna have a taste of the content that Syrp Lab will produce in the future, you should watch this extensive 9-minute lighting tutorial with tricks and tips on how to produce stunning cocktails shots for your clients. You can also read the related article here

R&D and innovation hub

The decision of focusing on education doesn’t imply that the company’s constant struggle for innovation is over. On the contrary, they will continue to be a creative R&D hub within the Vitec Imaging Solutions group.

In fact, from now on Syrp Lab will make their decade of expertise in product development available to other sub-brands of the Vitec group, including Manfrotto, Lowepro, Gitzo, and JOBY. In a nutshell, the New Zealand team of electronic engineers, industrial designers, and software developers will continue to bring ingenious ideas to the table of these companies.

Image source: Syrp Lab

What about Syrp-branded products?

While Syrp and Manfrotto-branded products will probably co-exist on the shelves for a while, in a few months Syrp-branded gear will be a memory of the past. In fact, the company’s products and apps are officially joining the Manfrotto Move ecosystem, which already includes a series of camera supports, motion control tools, and stabilizers. 

Image source: Syrp Lab

Besides putting their logo on the products, Manfrotto will also rely on their global network for logistics and distribution. Moreover, the Syrp Lab team will continue to offer product support from their New Zealand headquarters.

If you’d like to learn more about Syrp Lab, please visit their website here.

Have you ever owned a product by Syrp? What kind of educational content would you like to see published on the new Syrp Lab platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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