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Patents hint Apple may launch its own gaming ecosystem

Apple may launch its own dedicated game controllers to pair with its iPhones, iPads, and other devices revealed by a new patent. The latest patent is the second set of concepts that show different types of game controllers.


  • Apple files second patent of game controller concepts for its devices.
  • The new concepts show different forms including a foldable case for iPhones.
  • There is also a wireless gamepad for Apple TV.

Will Apple go big in gaming and rival the Nintendo Switch and the likes? In terms of processing power, the Apple A15 would hardly have trouble competing – but of course it’s the classic console form factor, where Apple is still lacking. Now we’re seeing more and more patents flying in about different game controllers for iPhones, iPads and more.

Apple gamepads for all platforms

Today, the second patent indicates three types of experimental game controllers. The first concept displays detachable two-piece joy sticks that are attached to both sides of the device similar to Nintendo Switch‘s Joy Con controllers. It even supports tablets and smartphones in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Game controller concepts for iPhones and iPads by Apple / © Patently

The second concept is also the same as the first patent involving a foldable case but limited to iPhones. It shows a direction pad on the left side and four set of control buttons on the right. There’s a display at the center showing different game content and it even works as extra controls.

The third type is a classic handheld gamepad that looks like an Xbox controller with slider switch to accommodate phone calls and other tasks. In the image, it shows the gamepad connected wirelessly to the Apple TV but could also work with your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth connection.

Game controller concept for Apple TV and iPhone
A wireless gamepad concept for Apple TV or other Apple device. / © Patently

There are already third-party controllers compatible with Apple devices. Nimbus’ Steel Series – as shown in the title image of this article – is a game controller that works with all Apple hardware. However, the Cupertino company is serious about offering its own gaming content and hardware to its customers, true to its Apple Arcade and Apple TV. There is a possibility that we could finally see an actual Apple game controller in the near future.

Which Apple gamepad concept do you think is more practical to use? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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