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Nikon says it wants to have 50+ Z-mount lenses on the market by 2025: Digital Photography Review

This past week, Nikon shared its ‘Medium Term Management Plan,’ which details what areas of its businesses Nikon will be focusing on from now through 2025. While much of it focuses on Nikon’s non-imaging businesses, Nikon does detail a number of interesting strategies regarding its future efforts for digital imaging.

On a presentation slide title ‘Imaging Products: Business Strategy,’ embedded below, Nikon says its ‘Vision’ for the next three years is to ‘Expand the possibilities for visual expression and acquire overwhelming support from all generations of fans around the world.’ To achieve this, Nikon says it plans to ‘Concentrate management resources in high value-added products and mirrorless cameras,’ with a goal of raising the average selling price (ASP) of its imaging products by 20%.

The relevant Imaging Products slide from Nikon’s presentation.

Nikon’s ‘Operational direction’ suggests this will be done by ‘Bolster[ing] the Z mount system by expanding lens lineup’ with aspirations to have over 50 Z-mount lenses by 2025. Considering Nikon currently has 34 lenses on its roadmap, that means we can expect at least 11 more lenses within the next two-and-a-half years. Nikon also states it wants the average Z-mount user to have no fewer than two Z-mount lenses and says it plans to ‘Appeal to video creators by strengthening video functions’ and notes it intends to ‘Deploy advanced features from the 79 across the lineup.’

A graphic from January 2022 depicting Nikon’s Z-mount lens lineup.

Lastly, Nikon says it wants to ‘bolster the engagement before and after purchase’ with consumers and focus on both its applications and cloud services. In all, Nikon wants to hit ¥200.0B in revenue and have a consistent operating profit margin of 10% for its imaging division.

If Nikon is to achieve all of this, they’re going to have a busy few years ahead, but the Z-mount is growing steadily and the camera market has generally shown that while production and sales numbers are down, the average selling price is trending up.

You can view the whole video presentation and accompanying keynote on Nikon’s investor relations website.

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