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Ms. Marvel Will Be the Next Big Disney Plus Premier After Moon Knight

Moon Knight is just a few weeks away from release. However, with so many MCU Disney+ shows set to release later this year, fans were wondering what the next show will be on Marvel’s release slate for 2022.

After much pondering from fans, it seemed like it will come down between the two female-led shows in Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, and recently, Disney announced that the former will be the one arriving first.

The company announced the major news during yesterday’s Annual Meeting Shareholders that following the release of Moon Knight later this month, Ms. Marvel will be the next MCU show on Disney+.

Moreover, Disney also revealed that She-Hulk will arrive later this year, after Ms. Marvel’s run on the streaming platform, and it seems like the show will be launched in fall.

While the company didn’t reveal the show’s release window, the Hollywood Partnership Committee may have spilled the beans on its release date, as the show will have its premiere on June 2, 2022.

With the red carpet premiere taking place on June 2, it’s very likely that the show will drop on Wednesday, June 8. For context, Moon Knight’s premiere is on March 22, with the show releasing on Wednesday, March 30.

The news about Ms. Marvel’s release window has excited the fandom, after the show went through several setbacks involving delays. The show was originally set to release in 2021, however it was later delayed to arrive in 2022.

For months, it seemed like the show will arrive at the end of the year. But with this new development, it seems like fans won’t have to wait long for the popular Marvel comic book character to arrive in live-action.

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