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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga capital ships unlocks

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One of the cool things about the new Lego Star Wars game is the number of unlockable characters you can get on the planets you walk around on. Moreso, this extends to space, with different ships you can fly around in. While in space, you can get different themed capital ships that you can call in via the ships tab in the holoprojector, each with its own unique style. 

However, the process of unlocking capital ships in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is different depending on the vessel. We will detail how to unlock all LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga capital ships.

How to get capital ships in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

In total, there are five capital ships you can get in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Each has different requirements before you can get them to aid you in your space areas of the game. These are as follows:

  • Death Star – First seen in Episode IV, but does appear in Rogue One.
  • Death Star 2 -The work in progress from Episode VI
  • Executor – Darth Vadar’s Superstar Destroyer
  • Steadfast – Kylo Ren’s Super Star Destroyer model.
  • Trade Federation Battleship – The giant circular themed battleship that is iconic with the Droid armies throughout the first trilogy.

One of the consistent ways to unlock these capital ships is by completing the episode these ships are introduced in. You will then need to complete a relevant side mission and have the relevant studs to purchase any of the above five. You also need to complete a side mission or some form of side content. Typical;y, you can find NPCs in story-related missions related to the capital ship, easily found with symbols of the capital ship over the side quest’s NPC. 

In some instances, some ships require you to take part in space battles around planets capital ships appeared in the films. You can then battle the ships, board them, and then earn the right to buy them. If you can’t buy them then and there, you can do it later in the ships tab of the Holoprojector.

In total, getting all five capital ships in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will cost 18 million studs. We recommend grabbing yourself a stud cheat code to earn bonus studs, making collecting these ships much easier in the long run.

How to get the Death Star

You can buy a moon after episode 4.

To get the Death Star, you need to get complete the Episode 4 storyline. After that is completed, you can then head to Yarvin 4, and visit the Great Temple Hanger and pick up a quest called Operation Stardust. Finish the questline to become eligible to buy the Deathstar for 5 million studs

How to get the Death Star 2

To get the second iteration of the Death Star, you need to complete the sixth episode of the game. Upon completion, you can return to the Ewok Village on Endor and complete a quest called Doom Ball 3. You can then get the Death Star 2 for 2 million studs. This is the cheapest capital ship in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

How to get the Executor

The Executor appears in either Tatooine or Bespin space, just like it did in the films. To get the ship to spawn, you need to engage in space battles you can find those areas. It doesn’t matter what faction you fight for as long as you fight.After a few waves, the Executor spawns. Take out its defences and head inside the ship and fight off its crew. Eventually, you can defeat the ship and you then have the option to buy it for 5 million studs.

How to get the Steadfast

Like the Executor, the Steadfast also appears in space areas of the third trilogy.  To summon the ship, you need to take part in space battles around Jakku or Pasaana. Once it is summoned, you need to once again take out the defence systems, head inside and take out the crew. Upon completion, you can then buy the ship for three million studs.

How to get the Trade Federation Battleship

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Capital Ships Trade Federation Battleship
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For those who fancy a first trilogy ship, you can then take part in space battles around Geonosis or Naboo, just like in episodes one and three. After so many space battle waves, a rade Federation Battleship will appear. Once again, take out the defence, board the ship and fight hostiles to unlock the Trade Federation Battleship. This ship will also set you back three million studs.

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