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How to Unlock the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

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The Secret Woods in Stardew Valley are full of collectibles and rare items. It is a coveted location since the entrance can be easily missed. Players will also find side quests and enemies inside the Secret Woods as well. 

How to Unlock the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access the Secret Woods: 

  1. Travel to Wizard Rasmodiu’s tower and find the traveling cart. This is usually located north of the tower and is the corner of the forest. The traveling cart is not always available but it spawns at this location frequently. This is the entrance to the Secret Woods, but the entry point will be blocked by a fallen wooden log. 
  2. The next task is to get rid of the fallen wooden log. You can only use a Steel Axe to do this. If you don’t have a Steel Axe, you can pay Clint in the village to upgrade your regular Axe for you. Visit Clint the blacksmith and give him 5,000 gold and 5 Iron Bars.
  3. After two days, Clint will have the Steel Axe ready for you. Use this to chop the wooden log up, and you can now freely enter the Secret Woods. 

What to do in the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

  • Collect Hardwood: The Secret Woods are abundant with Hardwood, a resource tough to find elsewhere. You can get Hardwood from Mahogany trees that spawn daily. Alternatively, killing Slime will cause them to drop Mahogany seeds that you can plant on your farm. 
  • Forage rare items: You can forage morel, mushroom, red mushroom, and holly. Keep an eye out for Fiddlehead Fern
  • Fish for Woodskip: Woodskip is only available in the Stardew Valley pond, making it a collectible fish. 
  • Master Cannoli Quest: You will find the statue of Master Cannoli near the pond in the Secret Woods. You will have to give him a Sweet Gem Berry in exchange for a Stardrop reward that boosts player health. Sweet Gem Berry can be grown by purchasing the seed from the Traveling Cart. 

Kill Slime: Make sure you carry a weapon with you whenever you’re in Secret Woods so that you can kill slime and collect the rewards they drop.

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