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How to Befriend Robin in Stardew Valley

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Robin is the carpenter in Stardew Valley. She is one of the first NPCs that players interact with since building on the farm cannot happen without her help. Starting a friendship with Robin poses many benefits – and players can easily forge this friendship by giving gifts. 

How to Befriend Robin in Stardew Valley? 

Players have to earn friendship points with Robin in order to befriend her. This can be done by talking to her every day, greeting her when you come across her, or taking her to the Movie Theater. Robin likes all the movies that play, so this will give you +100 friendship points. Buying her a snack will gain extra points. 

Most friendships take place in Stardew Valley through giving gifts since this is the primary method of gaining friendship points. Each character has specific likes and dislikes, and giving gifts that they love will greatly increase friendship points. On the other hand, gifting Robin a gift she hates will cause damage to the relationship. 

Gifts Robin Loves: 

These gifts earn 80 friendship points.

  • Goat Cheese: You can make Goat Cheese by collecting milk from a Goat on the farm and putting it through a Cheese Press. 
  • Peach: Peaches are summer fruits that can be harvested from Peach Saplings, or bought from a cave with fruit perks. 
  • Spaghetti: You can cook Spaghetti if you have the ingredients, or buy it from the Stardrop Saloon. 

Gifts Robin Likes: 

These gifts earn 45 friendship points. 

  • Milk: You can collect any type of milk from any farm animal. 
  • Fruits: Robin likes all fruits as gifts, but has a special preference for Peach. Most fruits are obtained from farming or foraging.
  • Quartz: Quartz is found in the Mines and Skull Cavern. 
  • Hardwood: All characters in Stardew Valley dislike Hardwood as a gift, except for Robin. As a carpenter, she has plenty of use for Hardwood. You can get Hardwood from the Secret Woods. 

Gifts Robin Dislikes: 

These gifts will deduct 45 friendship points. Make sure not to give these to Robin. 

Remember that friendships are not automatically maintained once established, and will slowly decay every day if there is no contact between the player and character.

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