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Former Jagex boss Rod Cousens appointed co-CEO at Huuuge Games

Former Jagex CEO Rod Cousens has been appointed co-CEO of publisher Huuuge Games.

Cousens was already a member of the Huuuge board of directors, but will now help fellow co-CEO and Huuuge founder Anton Gauffin as the company seeks to bolster its publishing portfolio and develop new titles in-house.

Huuuge bills itself as a global free-to-play publisher and developer, and currently employes over 600 people across 9 offices around the world.

Commenting on the decision to hire Cousens, who before joining Jagex served as CEO of Codemasters, Gauffin said the move will grant the company “extra firepower.”

Notably, Gauffin also outlined plans to “explore the potential of innovation in gaming, specifically Web3 and blockchain technologies,” and suggested Cousens’ experience would help with those ventures.

“Rod has been a long-term advisor and board member of Huuuge,” continued Gauffin. “His 35+ years of experience as a gaming executive are unparalleled, and I’m very excited to be partnering with Rod and working alongside him and the rest of the team to take Huuuge to the next level.”

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