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Canon releases firmware updates for the EOS R5 and EOS R6 | Canon Rumors

Card readers are variable in quality and performance. I consider it safer and more reliable to slot an SD card into my Mac, drag the FIR file to the card, eject the card properly, and then put the card in the camera. I also follow Canon’s recommendation to remove the lens from the camera, and install a freshly charged battery before updating. I wonder if some of the problems people encounter are caused by using different methods to update firmware.

Incidentally, my R5 running on v1.5 clocked up another 5000 actuations last week in Peru, where it was subjected to extreme humidity, frequent showers and high temperatures. It froze once, requiring a reboot. I also had some inexplicably bright flickering in the EVF when half-pressing the shutter button after a few hours of heavy use, although this issue disappeared once the camera cooled down. I was shooting entirely stills, and had no overheat warnings.

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