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Best Gaming Laptops Under $600 (GTX GeForce 2022)

The main issue of finding the best gaming laptop under 600 is that laptops below $600 mostly come with an integrated GPU.

But this is not always the case…

You should find at least one laptop around 600$ with a dedicated GPU like the MX350, MX450, 1050 or even the almighty 1650GTX. 

But, believe or not, the latest versions of the MX series are more close to the good ol’ 1050 in performance.

Which should let you hit:  

  • ~100 FPS on games like WoW, Overwatch and MC on High settings.  
  • ~200 FPS on MOBA/FPS games like Dota 2, CS:GO on high settings.

Now if your budget is nowhere near $600, you’ll have to settle with integrated GPUs.

I understand…

You may be reluctant to do so but integrated GPUs have come a long long way .

Some, like the Intel Xe series, can be just as powerful as full blown dedicated GPUs(approx. ~MX250).

Even the lower tier integrated GPUs(Intel UHD 620) can get you decent and consistent framerates as long as you set graphics to low/medium:

  • 60 fps on non-MOBA games like  WoW and MC on medium settings
  • +100FPS on MOBA/FPS/CS:GO games at low settings.


If you still want that “GeForce” sticker so bad despite a low budget….

You can get your almighty GeForce GPU if you look for renewed laptops on Amazon. 

This is not a bad move for several reasons but I don’t want to keep dragging the intro for too long, we’ll discuss it in the top 5 best gaming laptops under 600 section.

Recommended Specs For Gaming Laptops Under 600

Before that let’s briefly go over the  hardware you’ll find under 600$ and what you should DO to squeeze every bit of framerate possible out of your budget.

In the absence of a dGPU, the CPU becomes the single most important factor for gaming so get the best bang for your buck here.

Under 600$ you’ll find CPUs like:

Intel: Core i3-1011U,Intel i3-1115G4, Intel i5-1135G7
AMD: Ryzen 3 4300U, Ryzen 5 4500U, Ryzen 5 5500U

If you’ve got anywhere from 500-600$, you should settle with no less than a late generation (11th) Core i5/ (4th, 5th) Ryzen 5.

They will ALSO come with the best iGPUs available again matching the performance of some dGPUs.

If you DO get a dGPU under 600$…

Every bit of CPU’s clock speed will help you hit higher framerates at higher settings.

Since dGPUs are scarce and more important than anything else , just get it with whatever CPU it comes with.

If you have the option of choosing, pick the one with more “clock speed performance” *. 

*If they’re from the same brand. Otherwise use benchmarks.


The second most important factor for high framerates and to mitigate lag spikes is to get plenty of RAM:

8GB: This is the bare bones minimum for gaming.  Virtually on every laptop in the 400-600$ range.
4GB: This is a lot more common below 400$ and not good even for MOBA/FPS games because Windows 11/10 will eat up most of it.

Dual Channel: Squeeze every ounce of CPU power by making your RAM “dual channeled”.
Basically, having 2x4GB RAM sticks instead one chunk of 8GB or a mismatch of  8GB+4GB.

Upgrading RAM is cheap (~15 bucks).


Virtually every laptop has a PCIe NVMe . This is good because it’ll eliminate waiting for the game to load and any other loading bars.
SSDs type (PCIe vs SATA)  is not going to help w/ framerates so there’s no point in being picky. Just get one.
256GB: Almost universal anywhere from 450-600$. Good enough for at least 4 triple AAA games.
512GB: Rare under 600$. 


FHD(1080p): Virtually all gaming laptops have it, budget laptops may or may not. You must demand one if you’re paying +400$.
HD or HD+: This is very common under 400$ but that doesn’t mean you should settle for one because you can still find 1080p displays even on 350$ rigs.  

TN vs IPS: IPS panels are better looking and quite common in the 500-600$ price range. TN displays aren’t bad though, they have better refresh rates.


Integrated*: Most common ones are the Intel UHD/Intel HD 620 , the AMD Radeon Vega 3/5/10 . They’re all exclusively attached to specific CPUs. The best ones are Intel Xe, Radeon Graphics 8, Radeon 7 and they’re only found on Core i7/Ryzen 7.  So you’ll get the best ones automatically by getting the best CPU you can afford. 

Dedicated:   You’ll more likely to find a  MX150, MX250, MX350, MX450 than a NVIDIA GTX 1050 under 600$ . In very rare instances, you may find a 1650GTX from a less common brand like EvO.  Regardless, they’re all rare but if you have the choice


If iGPU’s all you can afford, if you upgrade RAM beyond 8GB, you’ll squeeze a bit more fps. Reason explained later

This list will be updated monthly and they are strictly laptops under 600$.

If you can’t find a laptop with a dedicated GPU here try to up your budget and check the best gaming laptop under 700$ post.

Luckily for you, as of March 2022, there’s two models under 600$ that have a dedicated GPU, one of these is faster than the 1050GTX and well under 600$. Buy it off ASAP before it runs out of stock and get this thing over with.

1. ZenBook 14

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 – MX450 Limited Deal 

  Ryzen 5 5500U

  8GB DDR4

   GeForce MX 450 2GB vRAM

  256GB PCIe SSD

  14” 60Hz Full HD IPS


  5 hours


This is the kind of deal that appears once in a lifetime. I don’t think you’ll see a 1650GTX laptop under 600$ in two years from now (when newer architectures starts to replace the GeForce Cards).

So I suggest you stop reading this post and buy this one right off the bat, the next laptops I’m going to show you have a much weaker dedicated GPU(relatively speaking) and they will cost about the same.

Dedicated GPU: MX350

As of March 2022, there are no 1050Ti, 1050GTX and 1650GTX laptops under 600$. You will need around 670$ to get a laptop with a 1650GTX. 

Now the MX450 is by no means slow. Surprisingly it is 20% faster than the 1050GTX. So if you want to get a sense of the performance of a MX450 just check out benchmarks videos of the 1050GTX.

Although it’s only slightly less powerful than the 1650GTX, it’s not a fair comparison because 1650GTX laptops usually have high performance CPUs. Ex: Core i5 10300H.

All MX350 or MX450 laptops will always have a low voltage “U” or “G” CPU which doesn’t turbo boost as high as the Core i5/Ryzen 5 CPU so expect to run games with lower framerates but with higher settings nonetheless:

Title FPS Settings Resolution
WoW 112 High FHD
Call of Duty 45 Low FHD
GTA V 50+ High FHD
FIFA  127 Ultra FHD
Dota 2 +78 High FHD
LoL +200 Epic FHD
Rocket League +110 High FHD
Overwatch 112 Medium FHD

Ryzen 5 5000U vs Core i5 115G7: 

Now you’ll find MX450 with either of these CPUs. Because finding a MX450 under 600$ is rare, you should not be picky about it. But if you’re just curious the Ryzen 5500 is only 1% faster than the Core i5 1115G7, according to several benchmarks:

Source: Notebookcheck

Renewed MX450: 

Now the model I’m featuring is a renewed laptop, the price of a good MX450 is far beyond 600$. Finding it renewed is actually quite a great a deal and you’re lucky to find it by the time you reader this. If you do find it available and you’ve got no more than 550$, grab it as soon as possible.

If it’s out of stock, type “MX450 laptop” on the Amazon Search or by clicking on this link: MX450. You should be able to find at least ONE renewed MX450 laptop around 600$


I would normally not advice to buy renewed laptops especially from eBay but this is Amazon, renewed products go through a control quality process and you even get a 90-day warranty for which you can return it if there’s something you don’t like or malfunctions, PLENTY of time to throw in some heavy duty games and test it out to its limits.

Cooling Pad:

If you’re going to run graphically demanding games like Call of Duty , PUBG and The Witcher 3 and run those games at HIGH settings. I suggest you also buy a cooling pad, you want the temperatures of the MX450 to remain stable and low if you’re going to play for long periods of time. This applies to new laptops as well. No laptop will last you more than a few months if you play more than 6 hours a day on a summer.

2. ASUS ZenBook

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 – GeForce MX350

  Ryzen 5 4500U 

  8GB DDR4

  GeForce MX350


  14” FHD IPS


  8 hours


It is very likely by the time you reader this the MX450 is no longer available, it’s not the end of the world though.

Your next option would be to look for a MX350 laptop which as the name suggest the slightly older variant of the MX450.

MX350 vs MX450:

You can get a sense of how the MX350 fares against a MX450 by comparing it to the 1050GTX (which is slower). 

As you can see most games can still run over 50fps at high settings and easily go past +100fps on medium or low for those less graphically demanding games like MC, Overwatch, Dota, WoW, CS:GO and League Of Legends. 

CPU: Ryzen 5 4500U vs Core i5 10765G

Obviously, the performance of the MX350 will be different depending on the CPU. The above video uses a Core i7 10765G instead of the Ryzen 5 4500U featured here. According to benchmarks however:

It’s only 3% slower than the Core i7-10657, so you can expect to have either equal framerates (since it also depends on how efficient the system is at handling temperatures) or slightly less framerates.

If you want to actual benchmarks with this laptop, these are the ones available:


This model is also renewed. You’re more likely to find it new with the box still sealed under 600$ so before you pull the trigger on the next laptops which are going to be integrated, feel free to check out for more MX350$ using this link or see if the following laptops are available:


3. HP 14 Laptop

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 – AMD RX Vega 7

  Ryzen 5 5500U 

  8GB DDR4

  AMD Radeon RX Vega 7


  14” FHD IPS


  8 hours

If your budget is nowhere near 600 but more like 500$ and you can’t find renewed laptops with dedicated GPUs. You will have no choice but to settle for an integrated GPU.

No matter how hard you look, you will just not find a laptop with a dGPU under 500$ unless you look into renewed laptops that are more than 5 years old.  That’s a bad idea for one simple reason:

Integrated GPUs: RX Vega 7

Today’s integrated GPUs have come a LONG LONG way and they can believe or not, match the performance of entry level GPUs today. In fact, that’s the reason why I did not post the next weaker dedicated GPU here: MX250.

Because the iGPU that either the Ryzen 5 5500U or the Core i5 11567 have: RX Vega 8 and Intel Xe Graphis respectively is pretty close in performance to the MX250. 

Here you go:

The Radeon RX Vega 7 iGPU has 7 CUs (= 448 shaders) running at up to 1,800 MHz. Its real-life performance is close to what we’ve seen from GeForce MX250 and Iris Graphics G7 80 EUs

Ryzen 5 5500U:

Let us not forget that since this is 2022 laptop, you’re getting a modern and faster processor than what you would get from an older generation laptop with an outdated dedicated GPU.

Gaming Performance:

As you can see this laptop despite having an integrated GPU can easily handle MOBA games (LoL, Dota 2) at medium settings and the less graphically demanding FPS games like CS:GO and Overwatch at low or medium still running at 1080p. Obviously, it can run MC witih no sweat as well.

Other models:

I’ve tried to find the cheapest yet high quality model with a Ryzen 5 5500U here. If you want to make the search on your own be sure that it has a Ryzen 5 5500U and not a Ryzen 5 4500U, there’s nothing wrong with the latter it’s just that you have to keep in mind the rule with integrated GPUs we mentioned before:

“The best integrated GPUs are always paired with the most RECENT CPUs”

4.  Dell Inspiron

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 – Intel Xe Graphics

  Intel Core i5-1135G7

  8GB DDR4

  Intel Xe Graphics

  256GB SSD  PCIe NVMe 

  15” 60Hz FHD TN


  7 hours

Intel Xe Graphics: Performance 

Laptops with an 11th gen Core i5 CPU will have the most popular integrated GPUs: Intel Xe Graphics.  For which you can find thousands of benchmarks on youtube:


If you watch several of these videos, you’ll come to the conclusion that a Core i5 115G7 laptop will have either the same or even better performance than the Ryzen 5 5500U for gaming.

So why is it not up in the list?


On average, they’re more expensive than Ryzen 5 5500U and since the gaming performance different isn’t abysmal, it may or may not be worth paying the extra cash. However, if you’re one of those wanting to squeeze every bit of framerates out of every nickel paid, then it’s worth it. The 5-10 extra framerates are definitely useful for games were input delay is crucial such as fps games OW, CS:GO, etc.

Dual Channel: 

If you want to squeeze even more framerates, you can invest 15$ more bucks to buy another stick and make sure to have more than 8GB, the additional RAM will be used by the iGPU to act sort of the way “vRAM” does on dGPUs.  

5. Lenovo Ideapad 3

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 – 512GB Storage

  Ryzen 5 5500U

  8GB DDR4

  Radeon Vega RX 7

  512GB SSD

  15.6” 60Hz FHD IPS


  6 hours


Lastly, another Ryzen 5 5500U. It’s got pretty much the exact same performance of the HP 14 because it has the same hardware: CPU, GPU, RAM , Display,etc.

However, it is more expensive and rightly so.

Storage: 512GB

It has x2 the amount of storage which is not as easy to upgrade as RAM, you will usually need to buy a separate cable connector (from the SSD to the Motherboard) that may or may not be specific to each model. 

So it’s worth spending a few more dollars on 512GB on board, this should let you install several games on the same laptop:  MC, Lol, Dota 2, CS:GO, WoW, OW and even CoD can all fit in 512GB.

If we discussing laptops above 600$, we could use the “add the components to the total price” method we used in the previous 700$ and 800$ posts where we basically calculated the cost of manufacturing a laptop (using the separate posts of CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, etc).

We can’t do that here because , the individual prices of CPUs and GPUs of laptops under 600 are unknown. 

Compiling a list of all laptops under 600

The best method here would be to make a list of a good number of laptops, compare specs and then compare prices.

I already did this for you and calculate what the average price of a laptop with a specific CPU or GPU should cost. Also mentioning where a CPU or iGPU outperforms the other.


Dedicated GPU

If you find a laptop with a dedicated GPU, then everything said here goes out the window.

You should grab that laptop ASAP regardless of how much  much RAM it has,  what CPU it has, how much storage it has, etc.

Simply because a dGPU under 600$ are rare and are the single most important component in getting those framerates up and running at higher setting.

.Pay nore more than what’s shown there.

GPU Range Max* Game Settings
1050GTX 599-750$ 600$ Med-High
Radeon 540X 599-750$ 550$ Low-Med
MX450 580-750 600$ Med-High
MX350 580-750 600$ Low-Med
MX250 580-750 550$ Low-Med

This isn’t true for any dGPU under 600$, for example, only those in red are not better than the latest iGPUs.


That’s because integrated GPUs have improved massively over the past few years.  They can support most games at low settings and the most powerful ones can match the performance of some dGPUs.  Pair that with a good CPU and you’ve  got yourself a rig that can outdo some gaming laptops with oudated dGPUs performing better at high settings.

Only a three or two iGPUs can do so though.

iGPU Equiv. Max Price
Intel Xe Graphics* MX330 550$
Vega 7 MX250 550$
Vega 8 MX150 500$
Vega 3 —- 400$
HD 620 —- 400$

Now there are a dozen more iGPUs released during the past two years but just like the Vega 3 and Intel HD 620, they do not get close to the power of recent dGPUs. So they will give you more or less the same performance.


Assuming you can’t even find renewed laptops with a MX350, MX450 , 1050Ti and a 1050. 

You should focus ALL of your budget on the best CPU since that will automatically set you up with the best iGPU you can get.

The following table ranks CPU according to gaming performance (taking into account the iGPU). I’ve listed the min price you can find them on. Anything lower is a bargain!

Name  Price$ Speed Turbo Cores/Virtual
Ryzen 5 5500U 510$  2.1  4.04 6/12
Core i5 1135G7 550$ 2.4 4.2 4/8
Ryzen 3 5300U 400$  2.6 3.8  4/8 
Core i3 1115G4 350$  3 4.1  2/4

*There are obviously more CPUs available under 600$ but they’re just older variants of the above. So they will lack the recent iGPUs we went over.

Price change: 

There are reasons for the price to go up: extra RAM and Storage are good reasons to pay as high as 580$. FHD IPS panels are NOT a good reason to pay extra cash, those displays should come with any laptop above 400$.


8GB vs 4GB 

If you’ve got a budget under 600$. You must demand 8GB, there’s no excuse to get 4GB RAM. It’s not acceptable unless that laptop has a dGPU or said laptop is well below 400$. 

Virtually all laptops above 350$ should come with 8GB RAM.

16GB: A must for iGPUs

Some iGPUs perform better once you go past 8GB.

That’s because the iGPU is by default “integrated” into your CPU so it will share the same resources.

By getting extra RAM beyond 8GB, you ensure your CPU has enough RAM for Windows 11 and any game so the iGPU will not disrupt the 8GB your CPU requires.

You don’t need to buy a laptop with 16GB on board, RAM only costs 20 bucks AT THE MOST. It’s always cheaper to do the upgrade.

Dual Channel

When you do the upgrade, make sure both RAM sticks are of the same size (x2 8GB = 16GB, x2 4GB = 8GB), this makes sure the CPU access data in equal chunks from both sticks increasing data reading efficiency and therefore framerates. 



As of 2022, virtually all every laptop released during the past two years will have a Solid State Drive. 

Software and games today assume you have one so if you find a refurbished machine with a pretty good GPU, make sure to take out the HDD and replace it with an SSD.


NVMe SSDs are the most common SSD types.  There may be “faster” variants of NVMe SSDs or slower variants (SATA III SSD) of SSDs on laptops.

But for gaming purposes, it doesn’t matter, you will not get higher framerates with SSDs and every single SSD will give you the same performance when launching a game/loading bars/switching instances,etc, basically anything that needs to be lodead will be done at the same speed.

The fastest SSDs are only useful for people who move a large amount of files back and forth.



It’s impossible to get 120Hz displays under 600$. 60Hz + FHD is as much as you’re going to get.

You also won’t get higher resolutions unless you have over 1000$.

What may happen instead is that you may not get a FHD(1080p) display if your budget is under 400$. Regarless of what your budget , you should always demand one even if you’ve got a Core i3 w/ an iGPU  that can only play the game at low settings.


It’s true that IPS panels have better viewing angles and the colors look better but not having an IPS panel is not going to take a toll on your gaming. 

So if you find yourself a great deal that has TN display over an IPS display, just go for it.

TN displays are actually much faster at showing images and for gaming this can only be a good thing especially for FPS games like CS:GO. 



If you have questions, suggestions or laptop recommendations please leave a comment below.  I will reply ASAP.

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